Bunk Beds

Starting From: 4,499.00 AED Starting From: 3,649.00 AED

Beige Linen Chesterfield Bunk Bed

Starting From: 4,649.00 AED Starting From: 3,349.00 AED

Paneled Velvet Upholstered Bunk Bed

Starting From: 4,499.00 AED Starting From: 3,299.00 AED

FSH Bunk Bed with Desk and Wardrobe

Starting From: 6,199.00 AED Starting From: 4,749.00 AED

Bunk Bed With Under Bed Slide Drawer Storage

Starting From: 4,499.00 AED Starting From: 3,149.00 AED

Domino Grey Bunk Bed For Kids

5,849.00 AED Starting From: 4,599.00 AED

Barcelona Antique Bunk Bed

5,249.00 AED Starting From: 3,999.00 AED

Bunk Bed with Trundle in White

Starting From: 3,299.00 AED Starting From: 2,849.00 AED

Pure White Bunk Bed By FSH

Starting From: 3,099.00 AED Starting From: 2,849.00 AED

Nordic Bunkbed with Trundle Bed By FSH

Starting From: 3,699.00 AED Starting From: 2,849.00 AED

Pod style bunk bed By FSH

Starting From: 3,399.00 AED Starting From: 2,849.00 AED

Julian Bowen Maine Bunk Bed By FSH

Starting From: 4,699.00 AED Starting From: 3,599.00 AED

Trio Bunk Surf Bunk Bed By FSH

Starting From: 2,299.00 AED Starting From: 2,099.00 AED

Alessandro Single Mid Sleeper Bed

Starting From: 2,099.00 AED Starting From: 1,899.00 AED

White Glaze Twin Loft Bed with Right Ladder

Starting From: 3,999.00 AED Starting From: 3,199.00 AED

Single Sleeper Bunk Bed

Starting From: 6,999.00 AED Starting From: 3,479.00 AED

Farrar European Single Loft Bed

Starting From: 4,299.00 AED Starting From: 3,999.00 AED

zard Single L-Shape Bunk Bed with Shelf

Starting From: 4,749.00 AED Starting From: 4,449.00 AED

Aries Single Mid Sleeper Bed with Shelf and Desk

Starting From: 4,999.00 AED Starting From: 4,099.00 AED

Joachim Single High Sleeper Bed with Drawers and Shelves

Starting From: 3,599.00 AED Starting From: 3,299.00 AED

Eleanor Single Baby Bed

Starting From: 5,599.00 AED Starting From: 4,499.00 AED

Hebert Single Bed with Shelf and Drawers

Starting From: 3,999.00 AED Starting From: 3,199.00 AED

Single High Sleeper Bed with Drawers

How to Choose the Right Bunk Beds Or Loft Bed Dubai:

Bunk beds in Dubai are versatile because they provide required living privacy in a shared bedroom, which is important when sharing a room with siblings or having sleepovers. Each youngster will be ecstatic to have their own personal place that they can customize and name their or own. They may pick their own bed linens, and add fairy lights, tents, and curtains; the possibilities are unlimited, and they’ll have a blast constructing their own personal sanctuary. Because the height of several bunk bed designs varies, consider the entire height of the bottom bunk in your bedroom and if your youngster will have enough space from the edge of the bed to the roof.

Loft Bed Dubai

FSH Furniture offers all kinds of furniture like bunk beds, loft beds in Dubai, Sofas, beds, cupboards, Bedroom Furniture, Accent/Arm Chair, Chaise Lounge, Chest Of Drawers, Daybeds, Dressing Tables, Night Stands, Wardrobe & Bed Modifications, mattresses, with a large choice of sofa sets, beds, and mattress designs. Double-checking the bunk spacing is also a great idea.

Loft Bed

If your child likes to study and rests on the bottom bunk, they might want to sit up in the bed with a book, or you might want to cuddle down and read them a goodnight story. There are so many various types, forms, colors, and sizes to consider that your possibilities are truly endless, but there are some of the more popular styles at our online store to help you select your ideal bunk bed dubai.

Sizes of Loft Bed and Bunk Bed

Bunk & loft beds are available in different designs and colors or you can give us your design and modify the available designs according to your choice. You can search for a loft bed Dubai, bunk beds Dubai, or bunk beds UAE or directly use our website link to choose your bunk bed we also have a large collection of book racks in our store.

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