Planning a Mandir For Home

If you’re planning to build a home mandir, one of the most important considerations is the direction the mandir must face. Northeast is the ideal direction. North-facing houses are ideally designed with the mandir facing north, with the entrance to the mandir facing east. The mandir for home should also not be located near a bathroom wall, staircase, or other interior walls. A north-facing mandir is often planned as part of the living room so that it doesn’t occupy a large space. However, if your house is positioned south-facing, you can plan a separate puja room partition to separate the rest of the rooms.

Keeping peacock feathers in the temple

Peacock feathers are considered to be sacred in China. They are said to bring spiritual healing, balance, and harmony. In addition, the feathers are shed annually and are believed to bring new life. Peacocks are also associated with lucid dreams and are good for Vastu. They can also dissolve financial troubles. Keeping peacock feathers in the house is a very powerful talisman. Peacock feathers have been used for a long time as a medicine and are believed to remove poisons from the body. This beautiful feather is also considered a powerful tool for improving one’s finances and reducing tension in married life.

Home Studio Temple
A Mandir For Home

Peacock feathers are also believed to bring wealth and excellent knowledge to those who wear them. In addition, they can end financial crises and help people reach self-knowledge. The feathers can also help ward off the Kaal Sarp Dosh, which causes financial troubles. Peacock feathers can also protect against the evil eye. Peacocks are said to despise snakes, which makes them beneficial for the protection of children. They are also believed to protect against snake bites. In addition to this, peacock feathers are believed to help protect newborns from the evil eye and remove evil influences.

Peacock feathers can increase love between husband and wife. They can also remove quarrels in marriage and bring happiness. Keeping peacock feathers in the temple is considered to be very auspicious. Moreover, peacock feathers are also believed to bring the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. They can even increase a person’s income tenfold.

Keeping a temple on the ground floor

If you are planning to keep a temple in your house, the ground floor is ideal. If you live in a duplex, the temple can be located on the upper floor. Some people keep their temple in the kitchen or bedroom. But a separate pooja room on the ground floor is ideal. The size, material, and design of the puja room are important. The temple room should be located in the northeast or east direction, and the door should be facing the east. The room should also have a window or a place to put a skylight. If possible, it is a good idea to place a temple lantern close to the temple room.

Mandir For Home
A Mandir For Home

When building a wooden temple, you should avoid placing it opposite the kitchen sink or the gas stove. It is considered bad luck to place a temple above a gas stove or kitchen sink. Besides, it is not advisable to place a temple over a toilet. Moreover, you should also avoid placing the temple in the basement. This is because the basement is considered inauspicious.

Keeping a wooden mandir

Keeping a wooden mandir in your home is an excellent way to give yourself a sense of spirituality and comfort. Hindus believe that a wooden mandir is considered auspicious as it is the representation of God in our lives. They can also be used for meditation and other spiritual practices. Wooden mandirs are often affordable and available online in furniture stores in Dubai at FSH Furniture. You can choose to have a mandir for your home in a simple or more elaborate design. For your wooden mandir, make sure you pick a corner that faces the northeast. You also want to make sure that the idols do not feel crowded. In addition, they should be six inches away from the walls. If you cannot locate a room in the northeast, choose the western corner of your home instead. It is important to place the mandir in an eastern or northeastern corner of your home, as the east-west compass indicates that the idols should be facing the west, while the worshipper should face the east.

Lighting is a very important part of a mandir. The lights used in a mandir should be soft and contribute to a relaxing aura. Choose light colors that complement the mandir’s color. If it’s made from a dark-hued wood, you may want to use brighter yellow or white lights. Avoid putting flashy colors in the mandir, because you don’t want it to be too harsh.

Keeping a temple in a small space

If you have a small space in your home, you can build a small temple. It can be made of wood or marble. It should be attractive and welcoming. It should also have some auspicious objects in it, such as crystals and water. You can also place a water pyramid in the northeast corner. For the floor, you can use marble. It looks beautiful when polished. If you want to use wood, you can choose wood with lighting. You can also use gravel to add a touch of softness to the ground. Water elements are also good, such as attractive fountains and small lilies. The main idea is to create a fluid worship zone.

A Mandir For Home

Another important thing to keep in mind is the location of the temple. Avoid placing the temple near a toilet or above a washroom. Also, avoid placing it in the bedroom. It is best positioned at a certain height. You can then place a door or curtain over it. In addition, you should not put any family pictures in the temple because they are considered inauspicious by Vastu. You should also avoid placing any damaged Idols in your temple. This could damage the temple.

Keeping a temple with two shelves

Keeping a temple with two shelves is a great way to store your small home accessories. It can accommodate two idols and is designed with a classy look. It stands at a certain height above the floor and is the perfect size for storing small objects. It arrived packaged safely and met my expectations. The ideal place to place the temple is in the northeast corner of the room. Avoid placing it behind a toilet or on the lower floor. It should be high enough to allow the worshipper to see the Idols easily. It should also not be placed in the basement, which is considered an inauspicious location.

Keeping a wooden mandir on the ground floor

In keeping a wooden mandir on the ground floor, the lord of the room should be the northeast direction, which is considered a sacred location. It is also known as the temple direction in the house. This direction is governed by the earth’s tilt, which starts from the northeast. The face of the Mandir for home should face northeast, and it should be at least six inches from the walls. In addition, the mandir should not be placed opposite the kitchen sink or stove, as this is considered unlucky. The design of a wooden mandir should blend traditional and modern elements. For instance, it may have a fine-grained, patterned wooden panel. Then, it could also have a marble shine, which is a practical and neat design. This way, the mandir can be easily viewed from any point in the home.

In a small house, the mandir may not have a dedicated pooja room. For this reason, it may be best to place it in the kitchen or living room. In addition to this, the mandir should be facing northeast so that it will not interfere with the entrance to the home. The mandir should also be placed away from the bedroom, as the feet of the devotees should not face the mandir while sleeping. A wooden mandir on the ground floor of the home can be located in a medium-sized room. One wall in the room can serve as the temple space. This wall can be decorated with POP sculpting work and can include a Ganesh-Om or a Radhe Shyam. The walls can also be decorated with small idols and soft LED lights.

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